Laurel and Hardy at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool, in 1954. The great comedians, in the twilight years of their partnership, share a dressing room during a European variety tour. Diorama with porcelain figures in glass-fronted wooden box. 60x45cm

Stephen Dee's work was first seen in galleries in Manchester, England, where he grew up, and London. Since moving to Ireland in 1980 he has had several one-man shows and featured in mixed exhibitions all over the country at, among many others, the Solomon Gallery and Whichcraft (both Dublin), the Frank Lewis Gallery in Killarney and Kenny's Gallery, Galway. He currently shows at Dublin's Gallery Zozimus.

In 2002 his work toured the UK in Pot Valiant, put together by the Scottish Arts Council and curated by the comedian Johnny Vegas, who was a ceramicist before going into show business.

"The real punch of the show comes from Stephen Dee's deeply odd comic ceramic scenarios, which are based on two apparently real people: Professor Cheer, the Man with the Xylophone Skull and The Rector of Stiffkey, Shortly Before Being Eaten by a Lion. Both are strewn with minute detail, making their strangeness stand out still further." - Adam Horovitz, Arts News, 2001

See some examples of the work Stephen did while on a recent stay in Boston here

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